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At AAS, we strongly believe in peer-to-peer collaboration and meaningful, independent peer review in the actuarial profession. To that end, we are eager to partner with independent actuaries to improve the value of our work to our clients; enhance the value of the profession to our society; engage in research to promote the efficiency and sustainability of our healthcare system; and share resources to create efficiencies in our work when possible and appropriate. Examples of peer engagement we would like to hear from you about are provided below.

Peer Review

AAS can provide in-depth peer review of actuarial work of other professionals, to strengthen the work product and as a crucial step in professional liability management. AAS is also eager to hear from actuaries who may be available to provide strong, independent peer review of our work as needed.


We are available as subcontractors to independent actuaries and firms. Whether it be that our expertise is an especially good fit for your client's needs on an engagement, or you anticipate a spike in workload that could use a temporary helping hand, AAS is happy to discuss assistance that we can provide. Feel free to browse the For Payers and For Providers sections of this website or reach out directly to discuss your needs. AAS is also eager to hear from actuaries who may be available for subcontracting work as needed.

Model Building

We are expert model builders, and are eager to discuss your need to have effective, efficient, user-friendly tools to help you serve your clients. As consultants, we understand that the workload and the need to meet client deadlines can delay the implementation of your best ideas for doing the work more accurately and more efficiently. We would love to discuss your needs and work with you to help you build models that better enable you to deliver repeatable and reliable service for your clients.


At AAS, we are excited to engage with peers in research that improves our understanding of the healthcare delivery system and seeks to advance knowledge in the profession. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in collaborating!
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